Welcome to Hairhealth.com your Online resource for accurate information on getting and keeping your hair healthy. We believe that an educated consumer is our best customer. When you go into a beauty supply or supermarket we realize you have hundreds of choices. As is the case with many products today manufacturers take short cuts offering products that are cheaper but not very effective at solving the concerns you may have. In some cases ingredients may actually cause harm to hair.

The family of products featured on this sight were developed with natural derivatives  designed to help you meet your hair health goals. SEBA Systems was founded 20 years ago, we have had thousands of loyal clients that have achieved impressive results. Each of the products are designed to work synergistically we encourage to try the family of SEBA, H3 and Silkology Products and you will learn what many satisfied customers already know... Products on this Site Gets Results!

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Why don't most Hair Oil Moisturizers work?                                                                                  In order for a Hair Oil to Truly accomplish the goal of stopping breakage and dryness it cannot contain glycerin, petroleum and mineral oil molecules, these oils are simply too thick to penetrate inside hair. The oil must duplicate the SEBAceous oils , this is the natural oils that the hair produces. When ever your hair feels dry its because its lacking sebaceous oils.

 The majority of so called "moisturizers" on the market today use petroleum, plastics, waxes or mineral oils to make up for the lost moisture. These greases put a coating on the cuticle, so on the surface this might seem to provide moisture but the reality is that these oils are so dense that they cannot actually absorb into the hair. As a result it attracts dirt, dust and bacteria to the scalp and never actually provides moisture to the cortex which accounts for more than 75% of the hairs strength.

Our Super Grow Essentials and SEBA Oils have a very low molecular weight so it absorbs into the cuticle and gets moisture into the cortex where it can effectively prevent hair from continuing to break. This natural moisturizer will also work to break up free radicals so that it strengthens the hairs natural structure and elasticity. Regular use is literally like putting vitamins in your hair that restores it to its original strength and luster.


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